Community Cinema

The nearest cinema experience to Sleaford is 20 miles away, so we aim to bring all genres of film to Sleaford and the surrounding local community.

The Aims

The primary aim of the Community Cinema at The Playhouse is to provide Sleaford with film screenings for the local community. There is currently no cinema in Sleaford, forcing residents to travel to Newark, Lincoln and Grantham.

The Community Cinema hopes to show a monthly film picked by the community. The films may not always be the latest films but will include classics and seasonal offerings.


Films will be screened every month, with the day and time varying depending on the type of film and the availability of the theatre.

Our first screening is planned for Sunday 29th October at 3 pm and will continue monthly from then. If demand is high and we have the ability to, we may look to offer more screenings a month.


We will utilise our existing bar area to offer soft drinks and snacks before and during the interval (if we have one).

Getting involved


As with all events at the theatre, we rely heavily on willing volunteers and our membership to help run them. If you would be interested in getting involved somehow, please get in touch.

Membership / Community Spirit

Depending on the interest in the cinema, we may open a new membership offering benefits and priority booking.

Also, as we have mentioned before, we are keen to make this a community venture, so you will get to vote on your preferred film each month.