Audtions for "Pride at Southanger Park" and "Easy Stages"

You may recall that Sleaford Little Theatre was going to put on three Coarse Acting one-act plays in May 2020 which had been auditioned and cast, however, the pandemic raised its ugly head and they were put on hold.

The plays have now been resurrected and a new production date is set for 11th to 14th May 2022. Most of the original casts are still able to take part but unfortunately, a few were unable to and therefore their vacant roles will be re-auditioned on Wednesday 9th March at 7:30 pm at The Playhouse.

They are as follows:


Pride at Southanger Park

Director - Linda Mallett, [email protected]

Brief synopsis of the play: Period play (apparently adapted from Jane Austen’s long-lost work – very tongue in cheek) with a cast of characters that between them manage to destroy the play with help from the FOH lady castigating an audience member and selling ice cream while the actors are in full swing.

Cecily Chichester – an 18-year-old orphan (age range late teens to 20s) who is keen and anxious to shine, is new to the group.

Marcus D’Angelo – loveable rogue and suitor (age range 20s to 30s).  Thinks he looks like Colin Firth in the 1998 production of Pride and Prejudice complete with sideburns, tight trousers and who is very full of himself.

Sir Thomas Bottomley - Cecily’s uncle (age range 20s upward).  The actor’s real-life wife is about to give birth and he carries a mobile phone concealed on his person.  Highly strung and can’t take crises, especially now.

This is a very funny play with lots of physical action which will require good timing and no corpsing on stage!


Easy Stages

Director - Craig Pakes, [email protected]

Gill – A stage crew hand who desires to be onstage.


We hope to see lots of you there to help complete our casts; rehearsals will commence after the March production. If you are unable to make 9th March and are still interested in auditioning please contact Linda or Craig direct.

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