SLT Christmas Show 2022 Cast Announcement

SLT Christmas Show 2022 Cast Announcement

After two audition dates and a fantastic turnout of people, we are excited to announce the cast for Sleaford Little Theatre's Christmas Show, Santa Claus and the Great Christmas Caper.

This December, we follow Casey, who hates their surname; they don't even like Christmas – all the singing, silliness, and sparkles. Casey likes reading science books and nature rambles and sensible stuff like that. So, when an elf appears in the school library looking for help to save their boss, Santa, Casey thinks it must be a hallucination – surely the biggest encyclopaedia has fallen off the shelf and knocked them unconscious. But soon, it becomes clear it isn't a dream, and Casey finds themself on an adventure of a lifetime involving a corporate American who wants to take over Christmas, a mad genetic scientist, a petulant talking penguin, unicorns, dinosaurs and of course, Santa Claus.

When asked, Kei, the Director, said, 'It was incredible to welcome so many people to the auditions and wonderful to see what great acting talent the Sleaford area has to offer. We had some tough decisions to make when it came to casting because everyone was so good!'

Without further ado, here is the complete cast list for the adult roles. All child roles will be announced later and are being chosen from our Academy students.

Vespertilia Jinx – Jo Moules

Professor Septimus Crunkhorn – Jonny Hoare

Penelope Sniff – Emma Hoare

Captain Bullymore – David O'Brien

Squirmworm – Callum Thomas

Jackie Sundown – Caroline Johnson

Amethyst Oswald – Laura Davies

Chester Chillymitten – Nathaniel McAlpine

Flora Gloriana – Paige Ruddlesdin

Conker – Callum Thursby

Santa Claus – Rob Norris

Mrs Claus – Colette Buchanan-Gray

Trixie Merrymuffin – Laura Griffin

Frosty Crackersnap – Craig Pakes

Topper Tinseltoes – Kayleigh Hellard

Button Wigglejoy – Helen Hill

Cherry Jinglemoon – Tamara Mills

Pepper Toffeetree – Mandy Mendez

Holly Plumduff – Linda Mallett

Ivy Plumduff – Nancy Warnes

Baaa-bara – Jo Warrick


A huge thank you to everyone who turned up, and we're looking forward to starting rehearsals in September.