SLT to perform Shakespeare's Macbeth in May 2024

SLT to perform Shakespeare's Macbeth in May 2024

We are thrilled to announce that in 2024, Sleaford Little Theatre, with the Direction of Maria Bates, will be producing Macbeth.

Originally, it was scheduled for September 2023 but had to be postponed due to casting complications.

The production will run from Wednesday 8th until Sunday 12th May. Due to the nature of the play, we will be starting the evening performances 30 minutes later than usual at 8 pm.

With Macbeth being used in the school curriculum, we have also chosen to offer a matinee performance on Sunday, 12th May, at 3 pm.

Please warmly welcome our cast, and we are excited to see this production on the Playhouse stage in 2024.

Macbeth Cast

Andy Canadine ... MACBETH

Helen Pack ... LADY MACBETH

Rob Norris ... DUNCAN, King of Scotland

Debhora Hart ... MALCOLM, son of Duncan

Lionel Dean ... DONALBAIN, son of Duncan

Caroline Johnson ... BANQUO, General of the King’s army

Eliza ... FLEANCE, Son to Banquo

Briony Sparrow ... MACDUFF, nobleman of Scotland

Russell Hopkin ... LENNOX, nobleman of Scotland (to be cast)

Rob Norris ... MENTEITH, nobleman of Scotland

Briony Sparrow ... LADY MACDUFF

Caroline Johnson ... HECATE

Linda Mallett ... FIRST WITCH

Laura Davies ... SECOND WITCH

Tony Gordon ... THIRD WITCH

David Malkin ... SEYTON, an Officer attending Macbeth

Ruby ... GIRL 1 Daughter of Macduff

Eliza ... GIRL 2 Daughter of Macduff

Caroline Johnson ... DOCTOR

Briony Sparrow ... SERGEANT

Tony Gordon ... PORTER

David Malkin ... AN OLD MAN

Laura Davies ... GENTLEWOMAN attending on Lady Macbeth

Ruby & Eliza ... APPARITIONS

David Malkin, Rob Norris & Lionel Dean ... MURDERERS 1, 2 & 3 in that order.