SLT's December 2021 Panto Audition details

After missing out last year due to COVID SLT are so excited to get back on the stage with this years pantomime, The Snow Queen, written by Kei Bailey and Directed by Joanne Moules.

We'll see a break from the traditional 'Hero saves damsel in distress.'

Continue reading for dates, characters and more. If you would like to ask any questions please contact the Director, Joanne Moules, whose contact details are at the bottom of this page.



SLT Panto 2021 - Week commencing 29th Nov – 11th Dec

The Snow Queen

Hi Everyone.

I am very excited to be directing this year’s panto. 

Our amazing production is going to be ‘The Snow Queen’ written by Kei Bailey.  I am pleased to say that we are moving away from the traditional ‘Hero saves damsel in distress’ situation and our hero in this story is a strong female character, who when proposed to announces ‘I’m happy being single! And now the sunshine is back – I’m planning to go off travelling’!

The Synopsis.

Fragments of an Evil Enchanted Mirror are scattered across the globe to prevent them being found. The Enchanted Mirror is contaminated and shows a distorted ugly view of the world. The ground dust from these fragments, when blown into the eyes of a kind-hearted person freezes their heart and creates an endless winter.

A wicked Queen (Cryogenica) gets hold of one of these fragments and searches out the kindest person in the land (Kay Merryweather), freezes his heart and kidnaps him. His sister (Gerda) embarks on a rescue mission, supported by the usual colourful panto characters, facing challenges, a feisty Crow, henchman all while singing and dancing her way to freedom!

Character List

Main Principal Characters

Cryogenica – The Snow Queen – Female – Wicked, venomous with good comic timing.  Singing role

Jack Frost – Cryogenica’s snide, supercilious servant. 

Odd Bob – Dim witted Henchman

Gerda Merryweather – Young warm hearted woman.  Main Principal – Female.  Singing Role

Kay Merryweather – Gerda’s Brother.  Male.  Spends much of the show in a trance!

Auntie Prudence Puddledub – The Dame.  Male.  Colourful. 

Jamie Dodger – The ‘call & response’ character.  Can be male or female.  A lot of energy and double act with the dame. 

Prince Frederick – Dashing Prince, Male or female.  Singing role

Karina Keen – Captain of the Royal Guard.  Efficient and bossy.  Female

Private Grubb – Scruffy Individual and very much a double act with Karina Keen.  Good comedy role with good one liners. Male or Female

Fairy Sunbeam – Beautiful Fairy.  Female. Singing role.

Cora the Crow – Fun character role.  Doubles with Gerda throughout the rescue mission. Female.  Ability to fly not essential.


Extra Characters







Candy Cuckoo Spit


Chorus to play Villagers/Forest nymphs/Mirror Fragments/Weather Spirits



Rehearsals will be Mondays & Wednesdays 7.30 – 9.30 with chorus/musical rehearsals 6 – 7.30 on Mondays.  Please be sure you are available for these times.


As well as cast I will need lots of support.


Costumier – To source, hire/buy, make costumes. This is a big job so would be better and less stressful on those involved if there are a team of brilliant creative people.

Props – Produce a props list and source, beg borrow, steal and create props.

Lighting designer & operator & spotlights

Sound operator and Mic technician

Hair & Make up.


Auditions will be 10th & 12th August at 7.30 at The Playhouse.

No prior prep required but I can provide excerpts that will be used for audition on request.


Any questions please contact me directly on [email protected]


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