Support SLT when you shop at your local Co-op

Many of us shop at the Co-op to get a few bits and pieces on the way home from work or when you're short of milk and bread. The Co-op puts helping communities at the centre of everything they do.

We have been selected as a Cause that you can support, simply by shopping at your local Co-op and scanning your membership card. Our cause is linked to the Stump Cross Hill Co-op Food store but you can shop at any of the National Co-op stores.

Sleaford Little Theatre is an artistic oasis and a rare historical gem for Sleaford and surrounding areas. The objects of the charity are to advance education by the encouragement of the arts, including drama, mime, dance, singing and music, and to provide facilities for practical participation in the production and performance of stage plays and other similar activities.

How does SLT bring people in the community together?

We wish to provide a safe and inspiring artistic environment for the younger members of the community and contribute towards a new generation of theatre professionals. As a unique setting for a cinema in Sleaford, we want to create a Georgian interpretive element for the Sleaford Heritage Trail and wider town tourism, improve green energy operations, and increase our heritage offer and pride of place.

How do you support SLT when you shop at the Co-op?

Firstly, you need to join by becoming a member of the Co-op and getting your Co-op Membership Card. You can become a member by signing up on the Co-op website (it costs £1 to join*) -

Once you have registered you can log in to your account and Choose your local cause. If you can't find us, you can visit our Cause page directly at

Now you have selected SLT as your cause, all you need to do is make sure to scan your Membership Card every time you shop at the Co-op.

If you forget your Membership card, you can always Add a missed receipt via your Account on the Co-op website.

You can also get the Co-op app on your phone so even if you don't have the physical Membership card on you, you can scan the code on your phone at the checkout.

Rewards for you and your community

For every £1 you spend on selected Co-op products and services, 2p goes into your membership account and the Co-op gives the same amount to support community organisations and local causes, like us. You can also choose to donate your rewards.

In 2020 the Co-op delivered £15m to over 4,500 local causes, thanks to their members.


* When you register as a Member with your temporary card the £1 you paid for the temporary card will be used to pay for your share in the Co-op. If you decide not to register as a Member you can’t get your £1 back. Full details can be found in the Co-op's Membership Terms and Conditions.

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