SLT Auditions

Auditions to appear in a Sleaford Little Theatre (SLT) production typically take place at The Playhouse on a weekday from 7:30 pm. The day auditions take place is decided by the Director.

Should you succeed in being cast in a role for an SLT production and not already a member of the society, you will be required to join SLT. You can find details of becoming a member on our Membership pages.

Upcoming Auditions

Dick Whittington

After a break of a few years, it's panto time again [yes, yes, I hear you!], and I hope there will be lots of enthusiastic support for thigh-slapping, booing, over-the-top costumes and total suspension of disbelief ... and that's just the backstage crew! However, the prelude to all the fun will be the usual concentrated hard work and dedication between 1st rehearsal and 1st night. I'm sure we can do it ... we've done it before [oh yes we have!] and we'll have to do it again then!! So here's the timeline and character list.

Auditions Dates: 10th and 17th July at 7:30 at the Playhouse.

Every Monday and Wednesday at the Playhouse, commencing on Monday, 25th September.
Tech rehearsal is on Sunday, 26th November, and Full Dress is on Monday, 27th November.
Nearer the time,  there may be others, depending on how panicky the director gets.

Performance Dates:
First week - Wednesday 29th November to Saturday 2nd December [5 shows].
Second week - Wednesday 6th December to Saturday 9th [5 shows].

Cast and Crew
As well as those on stage, we will need the following backstage:
Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager
Music coach
Dame's Dresser

Some of these are roles which could perhaps be filled by two people, and some have already got the usual suspects lined up! But apprentices are always welcome.

The show will be directed by Helen (Nellie) Hill and produced by Garry Goodge.

If you are interested in auditioning but cannot make either of the two audition dates, please get in touch with Helen (Nellie):

If there are any other areas of the show that you are interested in (i.e. costumes, make-up, sound, music 
etc. please get in touch with Garry:

Here is the Cast List. If anyone needs more info, please get in touch with the director as above.

DICK WHITTINGTON: Ambitious, honest young man. (Can either be played by male, or female as Principal 
THE ALDERMAN: Good-natured, sea-faring merchant. (Male)
ALICE: The Alderman’s daughter. (Principal Girl)
DOLLY DUMPLING: Pantomime Dame, the Alderman’s cook. (Obviously, best played by a man)
IDLE JACK: Dolly’s daft, lazy son. (Probably male, but could be played by a female)
CAPTAIN CUTTLEFISH: An odd-ball sea captain. (Usually male, but could be played by female)
SCUPPER: The Captain’s idiotic mate. (Male or female)
TOM: Dick’s “cool” cat, a small speaking part. (Male, but could be played by female) 
KING or QUEEN RAT: Our tongue-in-cheek baddie. (Male or female) 
FAIRY BOWBELLS: Good Fairy character. (Female) 
SULTAN or SULTANA: The Sultan of Morocco. (Male or female) 
CHORUS: Londoners Beefeaters Sailors The Sultan’s Slaves/Attendants 
DANCERS: Featured in musical numbers as desired. Also, perform the optional ultraviolet scene. 
THE 4 RATLINGS: 4 young Dancers or Chorus also play small non-speaking “Ratlings”.


I bet you are all familiar with the story, but basically: poor boy goes to London to make his fortune, is befriended by talking cat and watched over by a good fairy; falls in love with boss's daughter, is accused of theft due to interference by the bad rat and sent packing; redeems himself with aid of cat by defeating the bad rat and winning his sweetheart after all; everybody lives happily everafter.