Theatre Workshops for Adults

What: Full-day theatre workshops for adults: 10:15 am - 4 pm.

Where: The Sleaford Playhouse, 54 Westgate, Sleaford, Lincolnshire, NG34 7PP.

When: Sunday 1st March, Sunday 5th April, Sunday 10th May & Sunday 7th June.

Who: Sleaford Little Theatre 



  • 10:15 am: Registration plus a short health and safety briefing
  • 10:30 am: Workshop session 1
  • 1 pm: Lunch
  • 1:30 pm: Workshop session 2
  • 4 pm: Workshop ends
  • 4:15 pm: Post-workshop social drinks at a local bar for anyone who wishes to attend


Sleaford Little Theatre will be hosting 4, full-day workshops at The Sleaford Playhouse between March to June this year. These will form part of our ongoing programme of social events and will be hosted by SLT member and Academy Tutor Maria Bates.

All workshops are open to anyone aged 18+ and are guaranteed to be full of excitement and laughter. They will provide a great way to meet talented and like-minded adults in your area and a fantastic opportunity to develop your theatre skills while having heaps of fun in our wonderful theatre space.


Organic Theatre – Delivered by Maria Bates

Sunday 1st March 2020

£10 per person (Min 12 / Max 26)

Organic Theatre - Delivered by Maria Bates

Actors will learn how to create their own unique piece of theatre by using Organic Theatre techniques.

The day will be comprised of fun and stimulating games, character exercises and improvisation.

You will learn how organic theatre techniques can be used to great effect when devising original theatre and the workshop will culminate in the creation of a short piece of drama, in groups, that you will be able to perform to your fellow actors at the end of the day.

This workshop is ideal for actors who enjoy the creative process and would like to explore performance from a different perspective. No scripts involved!


Unarmed Combat - Fight Workshop - Delivered by Dr Ian Stapleton

Sunday 5th April 2020

£20 per person (Min 12 / Max 24)

Unarmed Combat - Fight Workshop - Delivered by Dr Ian Stapleton

Ian Stapleton brings almost 20 years of fight directing and teaching experience to this entirely hands-on practical workshop.

Learn how to perform stage combat without weapons, both as an aggressor and a victim, with equal emphasis on the technical and artistic elements of combat for actors.

This workshop is aimed at performers, directors, teachers and youth theatre leaders. No previous experience is necessary, and even qualified actor-combatants will find Ian's artist-centric approach informative and helpful. See a video of Ian’s work at the link below. Ian is both the choreographer of the fight and the protagonist in the scene. 


Ways Into Text - Delivered by Maria Bates

Sunday 10th May 2020

£10 per person (Min 12 / Max 26)

Ways Into Text - Delivered by Maria Bates

From the page to the stage, this workshop looks at the many ways a single piece of text can be interpreted and performed. It focuses on bringing every element of the text to life. 

The day will begin with a number of inspirational warm-up exercises and games, and then move onto looking in depth at a selection of scripted scenes. These scenes will then be rehearsed and performed to the group at the end of the day.

As well as being perfect for actors, this workshop is also a great stepping stone for new directors and those who are more experienced but wish to explore some diverse working techniques.


Intimacy on Stage - Delivered by Maria Bates

Sunday 7th June

£10 per person (Min 12 / Max 26)

Intimacy on Stage - Delivered by Maria Bates

Something actors regularly say they struggle with on stage is portraying realistic emotional and physical intimacy between their characters.

With the use of specially developed trust exercises, drama games, improvisation and scripted scenes, this workshop will cover all types of relationships, from rivalry to romance and demonstrate techniques that can be used by any actor to bring their character's relationships to life.

This workshop is one that Maria has delivered numerous times for professional and community actors and it is always a great favourite with the attendees.


Places on these workshops are limited to either 24 or 26 per day and are suitable for anyone aged 18+.

The workshops will run between 10:15 am – 4 pm on all days, just stopping for a quick lunch break between 1 pm – 1:30 pm, so bringing a pack-up and lots of water is advised.

They are very hands-on, active workshops so comfortable clothing and soft shoes are required.

The workshops are all stand-alone sessions so you may book for as many as you would like to.

To sign up for any of these workshops please visit:

Early booking is recommended.

For further information email: [email protected]