The Stone Heart Curse

Presented by Sleaford Little Theatre Academy

Wed 20 March - Sat 23 March 2024

This was her chance to make them pay; all the adults who had teased her, tormented her, tortured her. Serafina, a young sorceress, uttered the words without hesitation, and the spell was cast. The magic swept across the land at lightning speed, enveloping every last corner of the Kingdom. Almost instantaneously, every person over the age of eighteen was frozen in the moment, turned to stone, forever trapped in time.  

Across the four realms of the Kingdom, the young people are living in dread of their 18th birthday and their obvious fate - unless they discover the spell to break The Stoneheart Curse?

They will have to face fears, work together and find strength they never knew they had if they want to survive.

Dates and times for The Stone Heart Curse

Performance times shown are for the start time of the event. Doors open 30 minutes prior to the start time.

Wednesday 20th March 2024
7:00 pm
Thursday 21st March 2024
7:00 pm
Friday 22nd March 2024
7:00 pm
Saturday 23rd March 2024
2:00 pm