Live at the Playhouse - Three one-act plays
Live at the Playhouse
Sleaford Little Theatre

Live at the Playhouse

Sleaford Playhouse Theatre
54 Westgate
Sleaford, Lincolnshire NG34 7PP

Sleaford Little Theatre has been absent from Sleaford Live for some years, and we are delighted to return with three one-act plays for a short two-night run.

Sleaford Live is a festival during the first two weeks in May, in which local acts and local artists perform across a range of venues.

The one-act plays to be performed are as follows.

Two Purple Gloves

A modern human story set in a shopping centre on Christmas Eve. Connie is closing the centre down for the festive period when she encounters a down-and-out looking for shelter and feeling sorry for the man hears a very surprising story.


SLT's tribute to commemorate the end of the first world war, this emotive story tells of a soldier brought into the hospital tent with horrific injuries but how will the sergeant react when he is notified that the young man is, in fact, a deserter?


This hilarious farce tells the story of Sir Peter’s thwarted efforts to conduct an extramarital dalliance with a young girl one evening when his wife is away. Lady Alexandra unexpectedly returns, and fantastic plotting ensues (some from under the table!) in which Medford (the butler) and Lady Alexandra in a variety of disguises, foil Sir Peters plan for a quietly amorous evening!