Open Auditions for SLT's 'Goodnight Mister Tom' 23rd & 25th May 2022

September 2022 will see SLT perform the well-known play 'Goodnight Mister Tom'.

The production is being directed by Garry Goodge and will take place between 14th and 18th September 2022.

Auditions: Monday 23rd May and Wednesday 25th May at the Playhouse Theatre - 7:30 pm start.

Rehearsals: Start w/c 6th June - mostly Mondays and Wednesdays.

Production Dates:

  • Friday 9th September @ 7:30 pm
  • Saturday 10th September @ 3 pm
  • Wednesday 14th to Saturday 17th September @ 7:30 pm

The production cannot go ahead without the important backstage crew and Garry is looking for the following:

  • Stage Manager and Assistant Stage Manager – required to operate a backdrop, several fliers and onstage sound effects.
  • Prompt – required from midway through rehearsals
  • Lighting – design and operation
  • Sound – design and operation
  • Costume – 1940’s period (second world war)
  • Props – 1940s period

If you would like any further information please contact Garry Goodge at [email protected]

From the Director

Those of you that have worked with me before (remember ‘Darling Buds of May’) will know that I am a fairly laid-back director but like to have a good commitment for rehearsals, I realise that most of you have full-time school/work, so I want the experience to be fun for everyone.

We have had a rocky past 2 years, so with this show, I aim to put an end to all that and with your help put on a real feel-good production…

…looking forward to working with you all - Garry


Set in the dark and dangerous build-up to the second world war, ‘Goodnight Mister Tom’ follows sad young William Beech, who is evacuated to the idyllic English countryside and builds a remarkable and moving friendship with the elderly recluse Tom Oakley with whom he is billeted. All seems perfect until William is devastatingly summoned by his mother back to London.

About the cast

This heart-warming play affords the opportunity for actors of all ages and includes at least 5 x children’s speaking parts, and I am intending to build-in an extra scene at the start of the play to show the evacuation from London (rather than start with the billeting of the evacuees as per the script) which means extra children will be required, if possible, they may also be used for the air-raid shelter and hospital scenes. There is also a dog puppet which will need a puppeteer to handle who can be any age (move over war horse.!) There are 25 speaking parts, but these can be played with a cast of 14 with some doubling. The play is set part in Devon and part in London so a west country accent would be great for Tom and some of the villagers to anchor the setting and a cockney accent for some of the Londoners.

Characters - in order of appearance

Billeting Officer – Efficient, no-nonsense female

Tom Oakley – Mid-to-late 60’s, loner

William Beech – 10, shy, deprived evacuee

Sammy – A black and white collie dog

Charlie Ruddles – ARP warden

Mrs Fletcher – Housewife and mother of George

Doctor Little – The local doctor (could be male or female)

Mrs Annie Hartridge – Schoolteacher (wife of David), late 20s–30s

David Hartridge – Trainee RAF pilot (husband of Annie), late 20s – 30s

Carrie – 11, Academic twin of Ginnie

Ginnie – 11, Practical twin of Carrie 

George Fletcher – 10 -15 A bit of a toughie, youngest son of Mrs Fletcher

Miss Thorne – Local librarian and amateur dramatics producer

Zach – 11 Jewish evacuee, from a theatrical family (a bit full of himself)

Mr Miller – Proprietor of the Post Office and village store (could be Mrs Miller)

Miss Miller – 16-25 Helps he father in the shop (could be Mr Miller, husband of Mrs Miller)

Vicar – Young, enthusiastic

Mrs Beech – William’s mother, strict, prim, mentally disturbed

Ticket-Collector – (London)

ARP Warden – (London)

Glad – A warm-hearted Londoner

Policeman – Solid and strong

Nurse – Young and sympathetic

Sister – Stands no nonsense

Mr Stelton – A psychiatrist

The above cast will also get to play as ensemble Evacuees, Villagers, Londoners, Medical staff and Injured patients.

Several of the above parts are quite small, so great if you just want a small part to try out but there are lots of opportunities to double up and display your acting skills by taking on two or more different parts to broaden your repertoire. The ages of characters are only a guide, and some are non-age specific.

The show also calls for some singing (though not by everyone):

  • Gracie Fields – ‘Wish Me Luck As You Wave Me Goodbye’ and ‘Sing As We Go’
  • Vera Lynn – ‘The White Cliffs of Dover (good harmonised singing here – I want this to be a showstopper)

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