The Sleaford Playhouse Theatre relies entirely on tickets sales, generous donations, local government grants and Sleaford Little Theatre's members and patrons. Without our audience members and willing volunteers, the Sleaford Playhouse wouldn't be here today.

All money raised from events throughout the year are put straight back into the theatre for set building/materials, costumes, props, advertising, bills and much more that come from running an original Georgian Theatre.

The Sleaford Playhouse is owned and managed by a charity, Sleaford Little Theatre CIO. SLT is an Amateur Dramatic Society who not only produce all their productions at the Playhouse, but their Trustees also administer the running of the theatre. There is only one paid employee, the cleaner, everyone else is a volunteer.

Perhaps you are now thinking, 'How can I help the Playhouse?' Well, if you are interested and keen to help preserve Sleaford's Georgian Gem, then there are a few options for you to explore.


Support us when you shop at the Co-op

Sleaford Little Theatre are now a registered cause on the Co-op's Local Community Fund which means if you have a membership card you are able to choose us as your cause and every time you shop at the Co-op and scan your membership card, you help contribute to our cause helping to raise funds.

Support SLT when you shop at your local Co-op

If you're not already a member it is super easy the register online and you don't just support your selected cause. You too get special offers and rewards that you can select and treat yourself!

View and Select Sleaford Little Theatre as your Cause

Front of House Volunteers

Are you interested in the theatre? Would you like to see theatre shows free of charge? Do you enjoy meeting members of the public?

If the answer to all these questions is yes, why not join the Front of House team as a Volunteer.

Our existing Front of House team is a mixture of volunteers and SLT members. They are a brilliant group of individuals and are all passionate about supporting the Sleaford Playhouse and SLT. Volunteering is not just about helping the Sleaford Playhouse thrive, but also contributing to the local community.

If you would like to volunteer, send an email to [email protected] or speak to a member of the Front of House team during your next visit.


Become a Patron of Sleaford Little Theatre

As a Patron of Sleaford Little Theatre, all we ask is a commitment to a regular annual donation of your choice to the charity.

Additionally, with your permission, we display your name on all SLT programmes and automatically add you to our mailing list to receive news and invitations to all SLT social events. You are entitled to 10% off your tickets for each SLT performance, and you're invited to attend the Annual General Meetings.

To become a Patron visit the Patrons section of this website for contact details and to download a copy of the application form.


Join Sleaford Little Theatre

If you'd like to go a step further, you can become a member of Sleaford Little Theatre. Members pay an incredibly low annual sub to the society and becoming a member doesn't mean that you have to tread the boards and be on stage.

You can help behind the scenes on costumes, make-up, props, set building/painting, lighting, sound and front of house, to name a few. There is the added benefit of meeting new people in an enjoyable and friendly atmosphere not only during productions but at social events too.

To join, visit our Membership page for contact details and to complete our online application form.